Workshop 2

Building an Ethical Organization

This two-hour workshop demonstrates the relationship of shared values with innovation and performance. Participants will learn the competences of a leader for fostering the fertile ground and entanglement.

Key Learning Objectives in this workshop include:

  • Demonstrating the relationship of shared values, fertile ground, and entanglement with innovation
  • Defining core values that individual participants put into practice
  • For programs conducted within individual organizations, creating a set of shared values that become part of the organization’s purpose
  • Identifying the critical leader competences that underpin high performance: Character, Emotional Intelligence (EI), Business Knowledge, and Critical Thinking
  • Linking and “connecting the dots” between leader competences, innovation, and sustainable profits and growth

Topics Addressed:

  • Character and leadership levels
  • Shared Values and Leader Competence
  • EI as it relates to character, and grassroots leadership
  • Leader Competences, specifically Character, EI, Business Knowledge, and Critical Thinking.

At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • Completed a personal values assessment that identified their top five instrumental values
  • Identified two personal success stories on how they apply their values to achieve results at work
  • Completed an EI assessment that recommends strategies to improve EI
  • Selected two EI strategies to include in an Individual Leadership Development Plan

For this workshop, participant readings include Chapter 2 of It’s My Company Too! and three relevant articles from leading business journals. Participants will also complete an EI assessment that is included in the program fee.

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