Workshop 1

Program Introduction and Having Leaders Who Do Extraordinary Things

The main objective of this two-hour workshop is to introduce the overall program and define the importance of Character-Based Capitalism and entanglement in building sustainable profits and growth. The foundation for an entangled organization begins with the Fertile Ground for Capitalism, which is explained and becomes an underlying theme of subsequent workshops. Participants learn the differences between change leaders and good managers as well as begin the mindshift toward a leadership philosophy that empowers everyone to be a leader.

Key Learning Objectives in this workshop include:

  • Defining the importance of character-based capitalism and entanglement to sustainable profits and growth
  • Defining and clarifying differences between leadership and management
  • Comparing self-leadership to other leadership forms
  • Instituting personal changes in mindset to become an effective change leader.

Topics Addressed:

  • Leaders versus Managers
  • The Five Levels of Leaders
  • Strategic, Operational, and Grassroots Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
  • Visionary, servant leadership
  • Knowledge Creation and the Pace of Innovation
  • Leadership, alignment, integration, and entanglement, as evident in the case study at SRC

At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • Identified and prioritized two ways to improve their personal Grassroots Leadership approach by allocating time to foster the fertile ground and entanglement
  • Begun to develop an Individual Leadership Development Plan that incorporates skill and knowledge gaps they need to close to improve leadership, personally and in their company
  • Begun the mindshift toward a leadership philosophy that empowers everyone to be a leader

For this workshop, participant readings include the Introduction and Chapter 1 of It’s My Company Too! along with three relevant articles from leading business journals.

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