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“You come away wanting to make your company more like these, work in companies more like these, or just happy to know companies like these exist. A great mix of heart and brass tacks.”

“A few of us have been lucky enough in business to practice the concepts in this book. Unfortunately most haven’t. That’s because they didn’t have proof that purpose and values drive better business results. This book shares the proof, and it has a name…employee entanglement. Congrats to Tom and his co-authors on a great read.”

It’s My Company Too! represents a giant step forward in our understanding of the theory and practice of entanglement. Let’s hope that these authors and others will continue to delve into the topic—and then share their findings with the rest of us.”

“Tom Walter and his exceptionally talented co-authors have written an outstanding book—-one that can transform the workplace throughout the nation. Employee engagement is critical to the performance of businesses, and the authors provide specific and useful ways of capturing this valuable resource. Having done it himself, in the firms Tom founded, in addition to his study of other companies, he can speak from experience!”

“In today’s competitive environment, it’s important for leaders to continually assess, adapt and act to ensure their organization’s long-term health. It’s My Company Too! is a wonderfully written and informative guide on how leaders can help their organizations reach their full potential using eight critical elements as vividly described in real-world company examples. A treasure chest of best practices for leaders looking to raise the bar.”

It’s My Company Too! is an important addition to the reading lists of every progressive business leader. Anyone who’s interested in taking their organization to the next level, in getting everyone in their business to really buy in and start to think—and act—like an owner, will be happy to have read this book!”

“Engagement takes on a larger meaning with this forward-thinking presentation on entangled companies – companies where the employee’s and the employer’s futures are intertwined. Anyone looking to motivate and develop their employees to a higher level can benefit from the lessons taught by these eight diverse organizations, interviewed by authors who asked all the right questions.”

“I felt that It’s My Company Too! was speaking directly to me and giving me practical ideas on how to run my business. I highly recommend this book to visionary, creative and aspirational business leaders and all their staff. I’m already sharing ideas with my staff and interns.”

“You’ll marvel at how simply the authors explain the foundations of business success. Discover how your people can become the DNA of what you do and how you do it.”

“This book is a critical element in the evolution of management thought. It is destined to be an early classic in the new wave of innovative administrating.”

“Great companies have great cultures that allow them to attract great people. That’s why I say a CEO’s most important responsibility is to set the company’s culture. This insightful book will give you tons of terrific ideas on how to do it.”

“Stories sell – and I’m SOLD on the impact these strategies will have on every reader including myself. An inspiring and powerful toolbox with which any organization can experience breakthrough results.”

“The authors have created a true roadmap full of practical principles and insights, supported by evidence based research, on how engaged companies can be constructed. This is a book that truly deserves a place on the desk of every leader focused on creating and developing an environment where people are engaged and motivated like the owners themselves.”

“Moving beyond engagement is a critical component of high performing organizations. In introducing us to the idea of entanglement at the deepest levels of organizational life, It’s My Company Too! challenges the convention of engagement and encourages us to integrate people into the very fiber of an organization’s existence. It’s an exploration you should not miss.”

“Even the best designed business model fails if the organization’s culture works against it. It’s My Company Too! does a terrific job in demonstrating how to make culture a competitive advantage.”

“We can speak of management, of employee morale and of getting employees engaged and excited about what they do. But, what and how do we need to improve all of these issues that permeate today’s workplace? These issues, concerns, and potential outcomes are discussed in this creative book that you do NOT want to put down!!”

“Since rebranding my company, employee engagement was key in change management. The book It’s My Company Too! armed me with the tools I needed to keep my employees engaged in the new vision. We experienced between a significant increase in sales within one year. Any owner or manage who is serious about not losing money due to the lack of employee engagement must read this book!”

“Exactly what I expected from a well rounded entrepreneur with a commitment to developing people. Combine the entrepreneurial experience with co-authors who are respected academic researchers, plus a young creative writer and the result is amazing. An excellent guide to helping others achieve personal greatness and organizational high performance.”