Workshop 4

Increasing Individual Self-Efficacy

This two-hour workshop describes how building employee self-efficacy and self-esteem strengthens character to support business success. The workshop focuses on how effective leadership styles and emotional intelligence foster an entangled organization.

Key Learning Objectives in this workshop include:

  • Examining the varying dimensions of leadership performance and expectations at different organizational levels
  • Linking self-efficacy and self-esteem with character and leadership
  • Connecting Level 1, 2, and 3 leadership roles and responsibilities with innovation and growth
  • Connecting appropriate EI leadership styles and supportive leader behaviors with the Fertile Ground that nurtures and supports character-based capitalism.
  • Linking effective leadership with knowledge creation and sustainable growth.

Topics Addressed:

  • Fertile Ground for Capitalism and the Requirements for Fertile Ground
  • The Virtuous Cycle for Business
  • Alignment of Organizational Performance and Individual Performance
  • EI Leadership Styles
  • Building Trust through EI Leadership

At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • Used the NLEN case study to examine EI leadership styles and organizational impact
  • Linked EI leadership competences and styles to performance
  • Connected EI leadership styles to character-based capitalism and innovation
  • Completed the Preferred Leadership Style – Online assessment
  • Updated their Individual Leadership Development Plans with knowledge gained through the exercises and assessments associated with this workshop

For this workshop, participant readings include Chapter 5 of It’s My Company Too! and three relevant articles from leading business journals. Participants will also complete an online assessment of eight critical transformational leadership competences.

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