Social Impact Partnerships: Making a Difference

September 4, 2012

In the autumn of 2010, the first social impact partnership contract was launched by Social Finance, Ltd. in England as a means to reduce recidivism among offenders from the Peterborough Prison. Since then, Social Finance was launched in Boston to support the development of social impact partnerships in the United States, and numerous states and cities have efforts underway to implement these innovative financial instruments that connect the social sector to the capital markets and generate both beneficial social outcomes and financial returns. Continue Reading →

How to Satisfy Your Travel Bug and Stay Part of the Team

August 31, 2012

I’ve told plenty of people about running with the bulls in Pamplona. What I usually leave out is that I was the most scared I’ve ever felt in my entire life…and I’ve seen all three Paranormal Activity movies. Continue Reading →

How to Screen a Company for a Good Culture Fit

August 4, 2012

Perhaps you’ve heard about this phenomenon via television shows or movies. Maybe you’ve read about it in books and articles. Maybe your friends or family members have boasted experiencing it, but you’re still not convinced it’s real. How does it feel to truly love the place you work, and does your workplace truly love you? Is a loving relationship between you even possible? Continue Reading →

Leave a Review

August 2, 2012

Have you attended a speaking event? Let others know about your experience using the form below! Reviews Tom Walter is the real deal! He presents and engages the audience with his insight wisdom and incredible experience. A genuine leader and human being that backs up every message with real life stories, credibility and intrigue. Great […]

Make the Shift

May 30, 2012

Engaged. Taht word is thrown around almost unanimously to describe the type

How to Find a Job That Suits You

May 13, 2012

Ask Rex Huppke: I Just Work Here
It’s the time of year when spirited young women and men graduate from the joyous, beer-soaked, afternoon-napping-allowed world of college and enter the soul-crushing, coffee-soaked, afternoon-napping-frowned-upon world of work. Continue Reading →