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Tom Walter is the real deal! He presents and engages the audience with his insight wisdom and incredible experience. A genuine leader and human being that backs up every message with real life stories, credibility and intrigue. Great speaker great person!Gina Cronican, Organizational and Management Development at Ag Processing Inc

I found “It’s My Company Too!” to be a very informative guide on improving business. It was an absolute pleasure to read something outside of the area of science that will help me in the business world. The concept of entanglement ties beautifully with the human condition and the book does well into exploring how each person is vital to the company. The book flowed smoothly and each chapter transitioned well. It was a great read. Jeffrey Baffoe-Bonnie, Graduate Student at American University

Tom Walter’s book “It’s My Company Too!” provides unique insight into the challenging world of efficient managing in a understandable and relatable manner. I read the book as a supplement to a managerial course, and I felt the variety of stories and examples throughout the text helped me conceptualize how the topics I have been learning about would be applied to the real world. The book highlights the challenges and solutions that any company might face, and in a heartfelt and strategic way. It’s a must read for employees, managers, and leaders in any field of work! Alyssa Hochberg, University of Maryland

I had the honor of seeing Tom Walter present at The First Annual Culture Conference in Chicago in September 2015. As the speaker who followed him noted, Tom is clearly one of the “most interesting” people of all time and I would add one of the most inspiring. His insight into how to impact organizational culture to shape behavior and improve outcomes was exactly what I needed to learn from the conference. His personable and warm style is very inviting and it is clear why his companies are so successful. He is truly a gift to any organization and a wonderful speaker for anyone wanting to improve the human condition at their workplace. Hearing him speak was the perfect follow up to having just read his book “It’s My Company Too” which is full of wisdom and ideas for managers and leaders looking to improve outcomes. Thanks for all you do Tom!” Maeve O’Neill, MEd, LCDC, LPC-S, Mave O’Neill Counseling

At the 2014 CEO National Conference in Orlando, Florida, we chose Tom Walter to give the leadership keynote address. Tom shared his triumphs, hurdles, and tough truths that he learned as an entrepreneur and leader to the hundreds in attendance. Tom had the entire room engaged in his speech and received a standing ovation before offering to speak with students at the conclusion of his talk. He is dynamic speaker, entrepreneur and leader. I highly recommend Tom Walter for any type of speaking engagement. Michael Luchies, Director of Content Programming, Pursuit

Tom and Ken heavily contributed to our 2014 Leadership meeting. Their ‘real’ life stories touched the audience feelings and generated the wish to get closer to the corporate values of the different companies they talked about, which are very similar to the ones we are pursuing. Truly insightful! Nacho Abia, President and CEO, Olympus Corporation of Americas

Tom Walter has talked to my entrepreneurship classes several times. He is one of the most engaging, motivating and inspirational speakers I ever met. The students hardly want to leave the classroom after his talks. What is very special about Tom that he is able to combine wisdom stemming from his decades of experience as serial entrepreneur to the latest development of academic thought. In addition, he connects with the students on a very personal level. Annaleena Parhankangas, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Illinois-Chicago

Management instructors tend to preach the importance of value-based leadership, but rarely do we have the opportunity to point to someone like Tom and say – ‘here – this leader is proof that you can lead with values, take care of your people, AND achieve great success’. My students were enthralled by his presentation, which was brought to life by Tom’s authenticity, candor, and humor. There is no doubt that Tom’s time with my students made them challenge their assumptions on leadership, as well as broadened their understanding of why putting values, and your people first, leads to success. Charn McAllister, Doctoral Candidate, College of Business, Florida State University

Tom Walter is an exceptional entrepreneur, leader, role model and mentor. I had the pleasure of first working with Tom through the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, with which I’ve witnessed him generously mentoring hundreds of aspiring college student entrepreneurs, helping to shape the next generation of business leaders. Tom is also an inspirational and enlightening speaker. I always learn something new from his insight. Kathryn Sowa, Director of Community Engagement at Future Founders Foundation
cite>For someone who concentrates on employee engagement, he also is a master at student engagement. Our Assistant Dean, Cathy Dubois, was present for the second presentation and was amazed at how the students who were initially into their iPads and iPhones, laid them down and paid close attention to what Tom was saying. Tom has many techniques that set him apart from most speakers. The infamous “Chicago Handshake” is something I will use in the future in my consulting seminars. He also is tremendous at remembering names of students he met before the talk and refers to them during the talk. He quizzes them throughout the talk and forced me to concede extra credit points, which I gladly gave to them. Overall, the talks were a great success. The message was clear and delivered in a way that the students could understand. I and the College of Business were very well pleased. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to put some zip into one of their functions. He delivers. M. James Smas, Associate Lecturer, Department of Management and Information Systems, College of Business, Kent State University.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students had a great opportunity to have Mr. Tom Walter come in and talk to a few business organizations about how to run a business. Mr. Walter also talked about how to value employees on a personal level to make the company better. Overall every student gained valuable lessons from the speech that Mr. Walter gave. We would love to have him come to our campus again to give another speech. Sai Karri, Student, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

We had the privilege of having Tom Walter speak at our Human Synergistics Global Change Circle Forum. He shared his amazing story of the cultural transformation that Tasty Catering has undergone as well as some personal stories of the employees. Tom was so engaging and passionate about the many businesses under the Tasty Catering umbrella that he had the audience captivated throughout his hour presentation. To hear and see the work they have done is so inspirational and motivating to all. His authenticity was what really got to me, and it’s so powerful to see that from a CEO. All of our clients and staff are still talking about his presentation, and we can’t wait to have him speak again for us! Alysun Johns, Accreditation & GCC Coordinator at Human Synergistics

Tom came to the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs to discuss the importance of culture and employee development when creating and maintaining a world class organization. I was so impressed by his message that I invited him to come to our MBA management course that evening;he humbly accepted and ended up leading the course for the duration of the evening. His lessons on developmental leadership aligned with our course topics perfectly; his entrepreneurial spirit was contagious and inspired an ethical perspective for leadership for students to see in action. Seth Bainbridge, Special Projects Manager of Graduate Programs, College of Business, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

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