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Instructor Guide for It’s My Company Too!

Welcome to the Resource Center for It’s My Company Too! We are currently offering an Instructor Guide designed for professors and teachers interested in bringing the stories of these eight award-winning organizations into their classrooms.

Since a large component of this book combines behavioral theories and best practices, the classroom is a natural fit for exploration. Inside this Instructor Guide, you will find the following for each of the book’s chapters to help supplement your curriculum’s lectures:

  • Chapter summary
  • Learning goals and comprehension checks
  • Connection to specific evidence-based research supporting chapter concepts
  • Suggested discussion questions and answers
  • Class engagement ideas
  • Videos and useful links
  • Key PowerPoint slides

We believe this book to be an excellent supplemental source for courses in management, leadership and organizational behavior, along with any course with a systematic focus on structural and behavioral dimensions. This book readily displays how any organization can build a high-performance, customer-focused work environment.


To obtain a copy of the book, Instructor Guide and PowerPoint slides:

Our Instructor Package is for instructors only (no students, please).  The Instructors Package includes: hardcover copy of It’s My Company Too!, Instructor Guide and accompanying PowerPoint presentation. To obtain access to this resource, contact Dr. Kenneth Thompson at

Use the following links to download samples of the Instructor Guide and PowerPoint Key Slides.

Instructor Guide Sample

Key Slides, Chapter One

Booking authors in your classroom:

If you are a professor utilizing the book in your classroom, please send student questions via email to  The authors will respond to questions via a personalized YouTube video.

Example of personalized Q & A session with authors

Chicago Area:

If the class is local to the Chicago area, the authors offer complimentary visits to the classroom for a lecture or discussion period.

Outside of the Chicagoland Area:

If you are located more than 200 miles from Chicago, authors are available to Skype into classes OR are willing to make a visit if transportation and lodging fees are provided.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Dr. Kenneth Thompson at