It’s My Company Too! Wins Multiple Book Publishing Awards

CHICAGO – It’s My Company Too! How Entangled Companies Move Beyond Employee Engagement For Remarkable Results, written by Dr. Kenneth R. Thompson, Dr. Ramon L. Benedetto, and Thomas J. Walter, with Molly Meyer, was recently awarded two distinctions for publishing: the Eric Hoffer Award for Books and the ForeWord Book of the Year Award.
The Eric Hoffer Award for Independent Books recognizes excellence in publishing, and is covered in the annual US Review of Books. It’s My Company Too! was one of only twenty-four books to receive the distinction for 2013. The ForeWord Book of the Year Award, given out annually by ForeWord Reviews, honors independently published titles that expand the minds of its readers. It’s My Company Too! ranked among just sixteen Book of the Year Award recipients.

“We are very honored and humbled by these awards,” says Tom Walter, co-author and CEO/Chief Culture Officer of Tasty Catering, an award winning Chicago-based corporate catering and events planning company. “Our nation is dependent on maximizing business productivity and the best way to accomplish this is by engaging human capital through excellent leadership and an alignment of organizational and personal value, vision and mission beliefs.  The eight award winning featured companies have discovered that formula.    Understanding how to deeply entangle, or connect, workers will have a positive impact on the individual organization through increased profits, increased discretionary thinking, decreased turnover and decreased absenteeism.  This entanglement will also increase the happiness quotient of the personal lives of the workers and their loved ones.”

It’s My Company Too!, published in October of 2012, provides deep insight into eight award-winning, market-leading companies—Advocate Good Samaritan, Integrated Project Management, MidwayUSA, Mike’s Carwash, the North Lawndale Employment Network and Sweet Beginnings, Springfield Remanufacturing Company, Tarlton Corporation, and Tasty Catering—which have rejected command-and-control in favor of transformational leadership. The book explores how these high-performing organizations developed a unified drive for excellence, providing a path to world-class financial and customer-focused success, and delves into applicable methods that company leaders could adapt and utilize immediately..

“In today’s competitive environment, it’s important for leaders to continually assess, adapt and act to ensure their organization’s long-term health,” said Rich Horwath, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. “It’s My Company Too! is a wonderfully written and informative guide on how leaders can help their organizations reach their full potential using eight critical elements as vividly described in real-world company examples. It’s a treasure chest of best practices for leaders looking to raise the bar.”

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About It’s My Company Too!

It’s My Company Too! How Entangled Companies Move Beyond Employee Engagement For Remarkable Results is an informative business guide written by Dr. Kenneth R. Thompson, Dr. Ramon L. Benedetto, and Thomas J. Walter, with Molly Meyer, and published through Greenleaf Publishing. The book focuses on organizational entanglement, the commitment and loyalty of company employees that propels performance beyond normal and into extraordinary on a daily basis, and presents real-world business solutions to many common staffing and leadership issues.

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