Mike’s Carwash

Mike's Carwash

Founded by Joe Dahm, Mike’s Carwash is a private, family owned business. Mike’s Carwash specializes in exterior-only automated carwashes complete with self-serve car care products and other services available for the interior. The first Mike’s opened in 1948 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and today allows customers to get their cars clean, dry and shiny at any of 40 locations. Mike’s is continuously growing, with 20 carwashes in Indianapolis, six in Fort Wayne, one each in Kokomo, Lafayette, West Lafayette, Anderson, South Bend, Terre Haute, Columbus and Evansville, six locations in Cincinnati and one in the Dayton (Ohio) area.

No matter which location you visit, you’ll encounter the two essential components that have fueled the success of Mike’s Carwashes. First, customers are given a clean, dry and shiny vehicle on each visit. Each Mike’s Carwash is equipped with the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and technology available and utilizes specially formulated detergents, soft cloth, computer-controlled equipment, and touch-less hot-air dryers—the ideal way to clean vehicles.

The second and most important part of Mike’s continued success is the company’s team members. Customers keep coming back because of the way they’re treated by Mike’s Carwashes’ more than 600 caring associates. The combination of professionalism and personality is a perfect way to describe how Mike’s treats its customers.

Great customer service doesn’t just happen—it starts with hiring only the best. In fact, Mike’s only hires one person out of every 100 applications it receives. Management provides associates with the best training possible, and reward each of them for a job well done. Each member of the staff, from our newest associates to the area managers, goes the extra mile to impress the same boss—the customer.

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